HR strategy

Strengthening internal capabilities

① Prioritize weak areas
②Securing process and infrastructure
③Establish a strategy for continuous growth and promotion of new business by striving to nurture excellent manpower

Advancement of the personnel system

① Advancement of rank and compensation system
② Personnel through quantitative evaluation

Building a new corporate culture

① Mentorship like a friend
② Encourage new ideas
③Customized touch during the new recruitment period

We develop you into key talent

The DB Group ensures fair personnel management through the principles of meritocracy, appropriateness, and punishment, and has established institutional arrangements so that hard-working and high-performing employees are given preferential treatment through reasonable evaluation and compensation.

We are implementing on-site HR management. By delegating personnel rights such as expansion of evaluation/compensation authority and discretionary award/punishment to front-line department heads, the department heads who lead the field inspire a sense of responsibility and lead by example, while promoting the decentralization of the organization to induce flexible organization and team play. and creating an environment for nurturing excellent human resources.