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Since Establishing DB's State-Of-The-Art Metallic Material Research Institute in 2007, we have been utilizing cutting edge technology to modernize and advance ferroalloy production. DB's engineers and technologists work independently or with customers during joint studies in efforts to improve existing operations as well as identify, develop and produce new methods or material capable of making a significant impact on current and future global steel production

DB Metal is doing its best for customer satisfaction. Our tenet is 'Excellence'. DB Metal maintains excellent quality control through excellent technology.

DB Metal operates a quality assurance system to provide the best products and services. In addition, we are maintaining system operation and quality standardization through efficient Six Sigma promotion.

DB Metal has a world-class quality inspection system equipped with advanced analysis equipment. We are recognized worldwide for producing high quality products.

Description Patent
ULPC Manufacture for making SiMn Using laddle furnace
Ultra-low carbon, ultra-low phosphorus FeMn manufacturing method and the ultra-low carbon, ultra-low Femn
Ultra-low carbon, ultra-low phosphorus FeMn manufacturing method using ferromanganese slag
Waste Treatment Technology Waste Treatment Technology and system using the cold top slag method
Manganese ferroalloy manufacturing method using ash and ferroalloy dust
Method for estimating alloy density of molten ferro-manganese
Low-Phosphorus high-, medium-, and low-carbon ferromanganese process
Low-carbon Femn manufacturing method through the recycling of collected dust
Manufacture of medium-low manganese ferroalloy
Manufacture of Ultra low Carbon SiMn
Chemical /Energy A method of manufacturing ammonium manganese sulfate by using dust of refining furnace
Method for produsing high purity manganese sulpate monohydrate and high purity manganese sulpate monohydrate produced thereby