HR system

Talent Development Goals and Promotion Strategies

Present your personal growth vision

Establishment of job and competency-oriented self-directed learning infrastructure that can support personal growth according to the career goal

Fostering future-oriented professional talents

Securing/reinforcing current and future capabilities through multi-specialist development

Securing global capabilities

Fostering global experts with practical skills and entrepreneurial spirit to develop new markets and expand overseas business

DB metal education system
  • group introductory training
  • metal introductory training
  • leadership training
  • Key talent training
  • Competency training by position
  • Competency training for each job
  • language education
  • Global Biz. education

DB Metal's company-wide education system consists of five systems: value education, core excellent manpower education, leadership education, job education, and global education based on the purpose and target of education. is providing.


Flexible and enjoyable workplace with various welfare benefits

Anniversaries/holiday souvenirs

Souvenirs are provided on birthdays, foundation anniversaries, Labor Day, Lunar New Year's Day, and Chuseok

support for congratulations and condolences

Support for vacations and congratulations and condolences related to weddings and funerals

resort operation

Offers benefits of using more than 20 resorts and recreational facilities nationwide

Support for club activities

Supporting various activities such as learning clubs, research clubs, and hobby clubs

Housing Loans/Emergency Living Loans

Support for necessary funds for congratulations and congratulations and house purchase

Support for children's education

Student Financial Aid

Regular health check-up

Held every October for a healthy and sustainable company life

Housing and dormitory support

Guaranteed stable life through housing support in the event of an unrelated notice