Core value

A company trusted by customers


good place to go


DB's Management Philosophy System

-Specify purpose and action

-Presentation of standards for value setting

3 spirit


Based on the principles of norms and efficiency, all members keep their positions, correctly understand the goals of the organization, know their roles, and act correctly in accordance with the procedure and order of work. This means the establishment of the right values ​​and the pursuit of reality, the living of manners and temperance, thorough rationalism, and Jeong-Do management.


Internally, it is trust between the company and its members based on fairness and respect for human beings based on the principle of fidelity and sincerity, and externally, it is trust from customers and society by providing good products and services. This includes the spirit of ownership and fairness, the spirit of fulfilling promises to customers and society, the ability to practice consistent speech and deeds and a strong sense of responsibility, and autonomy and belief.


As the principle of understanding and inclusion, it refers to mutual understanding and trust between colleagues, superiors, and subordinates based on trust, and strong attachment to the organization, that is, the power of organizational solidarity. This means having a sense of community and forming unity, engaging in and having conversations seriously, thinking from the other side's point of view and creatively accepting changes.

3 posture

Customer value first

Customer value first is an attitude to maximize company profits by prioritizing customer value in all judgments, decision-making and business performance based on entrepreneurship, and it is the basis of corporate management. In order to put this into practice, the idea that customer profit is the company's profit and that all positions are for the purpose of creating customer value, and that company officials are also customers, must be accepted.

attitude to explore

The attitude of inquiry is the attitude to continuously create high performance by strengthening the organizational change and innovation capabilities with individual expertise and competitiveness necessary for the knowledge and information society, which is the driving force for environmental response and change leadership. In order to practice this, there must be a will to secure pioneering ability to become a winner in the corporate world of the future, a will to break free from the indolence of being satisfied with past performance and settling in reality, and a commitment to professionalism that pursues professionalism and perfection.

Taking an initiative in self-management

Leading by example Self-management is an exemplary attitude that is always trusted by those around you through thorough self-management and proactive work promotion. A person who thoroughly manages self-management can lead others well, which is the basis for organizational development and leadership. In order to practice this, you need to thoroughly manage yourself by having passion for your work, working hard, finding work on your own, overcoming obstacles, and respecting and considering the opinions of others.