DB was founded on January 24, 1969, when Miryung Construction (currently Dongbu Construction) was established with a capital of 25 million won and two employees.

Pioneering and highly successful in the Middle East construction market in the early 1970s, the company contributed to the recovery of the country's oil-shock-stricken economy and invested all of its foreign currency earnings in the country's key industries, including steel, materials, agriculture, logistics, and finance, laying the foundation for the group's growth.

As a result of strategic and planned business integration, DB entered the top 20 groups in 1990 and became a top 10 group in 2000 (according to the Korea Fair Trade Commission in 2000), overcoming the disadvantage of being 30 to 40 years behind the first generation of Korean groups.

Dream Big

DB has created a new path by constantly challenging new goals.

We developed most of our affiliates by acquiring new licenses or establishing new companies, and created a growth drama in which we started our business in a lower category and expanded and developed our business to a higher category. Acquired insolvent companies and transformed them into blue-chip companies through large-scale investment and management rationalization. We pioneered the steelmaking business with alloy steel, wire rods, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, non-memory semiconductor foundries, high-tech glass greenhouses, and eco-friendly electricity, which other conglomerates did not pay attention to. We have continuously promoted innovation to advance our management system, and we have strived to build an exemplary governance and autonomous and responsible management system.

Dream Big

major bussiness

Insurance Group

DB Insurance is a leading company in Korea's property and casualty insurance industry with 20 trillion won in sales and 50 trillion won in total assets. With the industry's highest profit margins and insurance sales efficiency, DB Insurance is transforming into a global insurance and financial group that pursues a happy society with its customers. DB Life was founded in 1989 and has grown to a company with total assets of 12.8 trillion won and sales of 2.4 trillion won based on the development of balanced channels, sales of products centered on security, and stable asset management. DB Life also actively practices consumer-centered management and is positioned as a good company that helps consumers make rational choices.

Securities & Banking Group

DB Financial Investment is a comprehensive financial investment company with specialized capabilities in various fields such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, and asset management, and is growing to be the most customer-centered and efficient financial investment company. DB Asset Management is a comprehensive asset management company that manages the valuable assets of its customers in a stable and transparent manner, and aims to become 'the best long-term investment company in Korea'. DB Savings Bank is the only first-generation savings bank that has been continuously growing and developing since its establishment in 1972, and is growing into one of the world's leading financial institutions for the masses by establishing partnerships with other savings banks in Europe and Asia, including Germany, Sweden, and Thailand. DB Capital is a blue-chip specialty finance company that continues to grow with excellent profitability and soundness.

Manufacturing & Services Group

DB Hi-Tech is a global specialized foundry company with the world's leading analog semiconductor technology, and DB Global Chip is aiming to become the world's leading display semiconductor design company. DB Inc. is a comprehensive IT service company with the best experts in Korea, and DB FIS is a financial IT company that operates IT systems for financial companies. DB Metal is a materials specialist based on the world's best alloy steel technology, and is moving toward becoming a global materials company by securing the No. 1 position in Korea for alloy steel and the No. 2 position in the world for refined alloy steel. DB World is a comprehensive leisure company that operates Rainbow Hills CC. DB Communications is a comprehensive advertising agency that aims to enter various cultural content businesses starting with advertising.

Vision & Mission

An Excellent Global Company


'An Excellent Global Company'


To provide superior quality products and outstanding services at competitive prices for people around the world through commitment to excellence.