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DB Metal was established in the city of Donghae, Gangwon-do in 1936 under the name of Samcheok Industrial". In 1976 we became DB Group. and through perseverance, technology, and innovation in four short decades we had become Korea's No. 1 ferroalloy producer.

DB Metal began as Korea's first ferrosilicon producer, which paved the way for our eventual production of high quality ferromanganese and silicomanganese products. With an increase in global demand and the need for high quality steel on the rise, the market for a high value-added material such as refined ferroalloys has significantly improved throughout the years. Currently, we produce and supply the second largest amount of refined ferroalloys to prominent steel producers around the world.

Through innovation and the development of specialized materials such as Ultra-Low Phosphorus and Carbon Ferromanganese (ULPC FeMn). Low-Nitrogen Ferromanganese, and Low-Boron Silicomanganese, DB Metal has managed to distinguish itself from other producers and emerge as a clear leader in ferroalloy production. Recent improvements and facility expansions have more than doubled DB Metal's annual production capacity from 230,000 metric tons to 500,000 metric tons. With the increased capacity we are now positioned and have the possibility to gain the largest global market share of refined ferroalloys.

DB Metal realizes that simply increasing production is not enough to insure success, but rather it is our rich history, experience in ferroalloys, evolving nature, improved technology, innovative products, commitment to quality, and our highest emphasis being on customer satisfaction that will allow us to accomplish our goal.

Company name DB METAL CO., LTD.
Date of foundation April 1936 (DB Metal incorporated in Feb. 1, 2008)
CEO Kyeong-deok Kim
No. of employees 222. (`24.01)
Facilities 10 electric furnaces (280MVA)/5 refining furnaces / 2 ULPC refining furnaces
Products Ferroalloy : High carbon ferromanganese, medium/low carbon ferromanganese, silicomanganese, low carbon silicomanganese
Specialized products: Ultra low Phosphorus Carbon Ferromanganese (ULPC FeMn), low nitrogen medium carbon/low carbon ferromanganese, low boron silicomanganese
Place of business Domestic : Head quarter (Seoul), Plant (Donghae)
Overseas : USA (Chicago), Europe (Frankfurt)
R&D Ferroalloy R&D Center (Donghae, Daejeon)